The Bid and the Ask

Forex quotes are shown in bid and ask prices. Bid is the price the market is ready to buy a given currency pair. At the Bid price you can sell the pair to the market.

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Ask is the price the market is ready to sell a currency pair, so, at this price you can buy the pair from the market.


Symbol Bid Ask
GBP/USD 1.25184 1.25208

You can buy from the market 1 GBP for 1.25208 USD, or sell 1 GBP for 1.25184 USD to the market.

During Brexit at United Kingdom, if you sell GBP/USD at quote 1.49000 and close the position at quote 1.32350, you win 1665 pips, just as an example, there are many events happening such as Google share launching, United State's voting for Trump administrations, blockchain ICO (e.g. Bitcoin or Litecoin cryptocurrency), etc.


Depend how many lot you sold on 26 June 2016, assume you sold only 1 lot, you already earn about £16,650, Pound Sterling in Great Britain that equal to Malaysian Ringgit RM 89,910.00 (When GBP/MYR is 5.40000)


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